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It was Winter break from college and a group of us that had been friends for years were hanging at Nadias house. She and Nadia had been best friends for a long time and Nadias parents had gone to Aspen for a ski trip, providing an uninhibited atmosphere for our group, with no parental supervision. As the night grew later, Nadia decided to go out for food and other supplies before the storm made driving impossible.

The alcohol and laughter was flowing. We were on the cusp of a major Winter storm, but none of us had any responsibilities for weeks, so we came to Nadias warm basement, drinking whiskey mixed with whatever. By the time she left though, the storm was already giving its first blast. The SUV has four -wheel drive, so Ill get through. My girlfriend Janine was with me.

"Dont worry, Ill be quick. Janine and I were ambiguous on what their status was, but they were hanging together a lot on break. Janine and I stayed, at Nadias request. We urged her to rethink her excursion, as many people were already leaving to beat the storm. She didnt like being alone in her house at night.

" Most of our other friends departed because it was apparent the storm was worsening, and soon it was just Janine, I and Jayce, who was Nadias occasional playmate. The weather shortly became a whiteout. Nadia, called from another friends house, where she was going to have to stay. With that, us three were left with a lot of house and complete freedom.

"I had to pull into Saras because visibility was near zero. He was a 63" attractive guy, with brown, slightly curly hair and very well built, who always had girls interest. I didnt have much pity though. But, it didnt look like it was going to happen for Jayce, and he suddenly looked crestfallen.

Janine always sensed when a gathering needed a jolt and, as each of us was barely buzzed, she had us do bourbon shots. " Nadia was always joking about sex and now was no exception. If Nadia had come back, we would have likely retreated to bedrooms and had couples sex.

"I found a game in the den", she announced with a sly grin. " It was one of those novelty sex-board games with which I figured we would amuse ourselves by reading some game cards. "Well it would have been a good night for swapping, but you can just have a threesome and tell me about it later," she jested. Although, Nadias joke about the threesome had aroused me as I had frequent fantasies imagining my girlfriend having sex with other men and I knew Janine found Jayce attractive.

I didnt drink often, and was soon warm and happy, looking out the window at the huge amounts of snow that had already come down and was still coming. he was a couple years older than Janine, Nadia and I. She and Nadia had been groupie-like with Jayce and his swim buds in high school. And she loved - I mean with a deep craving - giving blow jobs, with tremendous lips, which I found incredibly alluring.

Janine was around 56", brunette, with shoulder-length hair and a medium build. When she came back she had a box in her hands. I suspected Janine had developed her tremendous sucking skills back then, prior to our relationship.

Maybe Ill give you a real life situation to jack off over", she had kidded me. Janine had her own kink: male on male hd porn videos. Nadia had enjoyed the genre for some time before she told Janine. When I told Janine about my kink for imagining her as a slut, after wed been dating a while, she gave me hope I would get it fulfilled someday.

Janine left room to explore. The two of them never went full lez together, but Janine had admitted to me – undoubtedly to see how much excitement she could arouse – that they finger-fucked each other while watching x porn videos involving guys having sex wth each other.

Both of us only having on thin, clingy tops with spaghetti straps and no bras, our hard nipples poking through like diamonds. We had already agreed to finger ourselves, but when it started to get hot on screen Nadia reached over and slid her hand into my panties, mostly to see how I would react.

She was aware how hetero guys are pretty much universally charged-up by lesbian sex and gave an explicit description to me: "There we were in Nadias queen-size bed with the covers down. Not super curvy, but always wore tight fitting clothes that flattered her body. I was soaked and so was she.

She in a rainbow-striped pair of bikini undies and me in a little red satin thong. " I was filled with lust hearing it, as Nadia had a hot body and had a vivid picture of what it looked like as they laid spread-legged, gliding their soft fingertips over the others swollen pink clit, enjoying the taboo. Janine was curious and Nadia showed her some of her favorites.

I reciprocated with my hand diving in her undies and soon we were rubbing each other off to the great sex onscreen. "It seems youre supposed to play with at least four people, but we can modify it," she announced. We giggled about it after because we each came so hard.

And it afforded me loads of masturbation fodder which Janine teased me about, knowing that would happen when I heard. In the present night of our Winter storm though, Janine had pulled the box top off the sex game and was reading the rules intently. The game had levels of escalation built into it whereby the beginning level cards had you either removing clothing, touching or kissing another player, or having to reveal something about your sex life.

Soon enough we had discarded a lot of our clothing. I was surprised she really wanted to play, but was willing to roll with it and Jayce seemed very eager to play as well. Janine was eyeing his bod and showing off herself. As a swimmer he was hairless from neck down (lasers and razors, he said) and had remarkable definition in all the right places: shoulders, chest and most popular porn video his entire lower torso was cut as hell.

We added the rule to take a shot if the other two didnt believe a player was telling the entire truth about something. On top, she was down to a bra that revealed her big brown areolas and hardened nipple stems. In removing her skirt she gave a heavenly flash of bush and a quick view of ass crack in the mirror behind her, which she had forgotten was there.

On bottom, she had lost her skirt and only had a skin tight pair of very stretched green tights, that were see-through as well. No panties were on underneath. Nadia had gotten her into one night, when Janine spent the night. Janine found that reveal alluring. When I let her do it, she just kept going. Her boobs were medium-sized but she had very nice milky skin and the bra pushed her globes together and was so low-cut that she was obscenely displaying two bulging slabs of creamy, lickable tit flesh for Jayce and I to drool over.

When I admitted to having no bisex experience, she chanted. Janine revealed her fingering experimention with bisex, to Jayce and he too admitted to at least some bisexual experimentation, as an occasional practice. " She did get me to admit that I found some cocks Id seen in porn videos to be attractive.

"Whoo-hoo, now were getting somewhere! As play continued, I got jealous and turned on because a card had Player One (Janine) give Player Two (Jayce) a kiss and she crossed her arms behind his neck, pulled his lips down to hers and as he leaned down to kiss her, his lips were together, but she greeted him with an open mouth and pushed her luscious tit cleavage against his hard naked chest. ," Janine whooped, staring at me with a smitten look after Id admitted I might suck a cock.

She made me name some star names and what I liked about their cocks and admit that I would suck one if given the chance. When we had to tell each other what our secret fetish was, Janine admitted her gay porn addiction, "I love to watch two guys together. ," she said with a very pleased smile on her face when they finally broke apart. He opened up too and I could see their tongues diving into and intertwining in each others mouths, tasting the sweet bourbon inside.

"Giving and receiving oral at the same time is the best. It gets me wet almost every time. "He likes to envision me getting fucked by other guys", she said, bluntly, filling in the blanks quite clearly. " When it was my turn, Janine goaded me. I said I sometimes fantasized about her in sexual situations with others.

" Jayce admitted to really liking the sixty-nine position. And then she told me I had to take a shot for not telling the whole truth. We all lost more clothing and soon Janines fine, delectable tits were on open display. They were unavoidably hard and suckable as I had ever seen them, with her sitting upright and not being able to cover them, per game rules.

Jayce was getting a great view and I think at this point, with the alcohol in her, she was enjoying showing them off. We had another "truth" portion of the game and everyone was to admit what they had done sexually in the past with other players on their right or left.

Even more, since the bourbon had us all feeling so uninhibited. With her fabulous cleavage and nipples staring at us and only a thin stretchy see-through fabric covering her hot ass and pussy, it was easy to see why. Since the game was supposed to be a boy-girl boy-girl arrangement it was assumed to be you telling about you and your partners sex life.

I saw Jayce adjusting his boxers under the table when hearing my fetish and was increasingly giving Janine craving looks. "Wait uh, we have to be one hundred percent truthful and so we, uh, Jayce and I have to admit to having had sex before, several years back. I turned to Jayce and said he should just tell us about he and Nadia.

"Brian Schmalzers party remember? Janine and I both admitted that we had done nearly every hetero sex act. " I was once again jealous and excited to hear more. "It was long before you dated. Jayce had his pants and boxers still on, but his shirt was off and having never seen him up close without one, I was wowed and envious with how buff he was.

" "I have had a few since then," he said, giving his truthful remembrance, "but you are still the best. "And then I gave Jayce a long blow job. " "You got me into loving it," she said, her naked tits bouncing in front of us as she expressed herself. There were interesting revelations in rihanna hd porn videos video the "truth" portion of the game.

"Yes, I admit to love sucking cock. It seemed like maybe she had pulled this wildcard out of the deck when we were reading the rules and no one was looking and had held onto it until now. "Oh yeah, you made it unforgettable," he said, then gave me a bump on the arm. " She then reached down and picked up a card, announcing it was her turn.

"Do something for yourself. But you are a big boy down there, waaaay big, if memory serves! Player with this card is Queen or King for the next half hour. I am Queen," she said satisfyingly. No ifs, ands or Butt avoidance" she read aloud. The application itself was so sexual a tease with the extended stick rolling around her full lips like a mini cock. Then she looked me right in my eyes, hoping her next words would thrill me, which they did.

Then she stated boldly: "I think its time to kill two birds with one stone. " "We made out for a bit," she went on. "And Jayce you stand up. " With that she stood and brushed her beautiful brown hair back, letting her tits stand out even more and, most excitingly, let us both get a long look at her in those barely-there tights showing her brown bush and pussy lips.

The last part giving us all a chuckle. Sit there for a bit, dear", she said to me. " She reached into a nearby handbag, pulling out some edible lip gloss and applying it to her big ripe lips. She reached into his bulging boxers and unleashed Jayces superb cock.

"Nice fucking body," she said, looking up at him, batting her long lashes and puckering those big glossy lips. "Ill take a bourbon shot after while for this, and Jayce you should too, but we didnt tell you the entire truth, dear. She did a slow spin, pausing halfway to let us see how great her entirely visible ass looked as well, packed tight in the stretched-out green fabric.

They get to do whatever they want with whomever they want. She walked towards Jayce and, when near him, a line with her index finger between his chest muscles, over his hard abs and resting on his boxers, pulling the elastic out just a tad as she lowered herself down to her knees on the soft carpeting. And that continued through swim season and into the Spring.

We talked at that first swim party and I found him so hot, I told him I was goin to support him any way he wanted. He had a girlfriend, so it was all hush hush, but thats where I learned to suck cock so well. I was a member of the swim team support group back in the day, and assigned a team member to get surprise gifts for and stuff.

" Then she looked right at me and started kissing that big smooth cockhead of Jayces with her lustrous lips, while keeping a firm grip on his rock hard shaft. Thats as I remember it", Janine said, as if greeting an old friend she was welcoming with, in this case, an open mouth. "Its just sooo fun to suck it," she said with urgency, as she lifted it straight up, planting the tip of her fully extended tongue right where his balls met his shaft, and dragged it the entire length of the big ridge on the front of his cock, up to where his piss slit was already leaking pre-cum.

Long story short, I gave him a very long, very satisfying, blowjob that first party, until he gave me a sticky reward. At least a nine or maybe even ten incher, it was - by far - the most alluring cock Id seen in person. She dabbed some of the sticky clear fluid into a thread between her tongue tip and his cock helmet, before gathering it all in her mouth and swallowing it with an audible gulp.

I couldnt wait for another heavy dose on my taste buds to let linger until it melted in my mouth. He wouldnt fuck me, although I begged. She was expert in handling it. I was sooooo goddamn addicted to swallowing big loads of it back then. It was hot as hell watching my girlfriend glide her lips up and down on his massive, gorgeous prick, seeing how hungrily she did it, and knowing how tremendous his cock must have felt.

"Ahhhh," she exclaimed, "Your cum is as yummy as I remember it. She stopped sucking after a bit and wiggled her crooked finger, motioning me to come over to them. You could put out some MAJOR volume too. I showed some hesitance before she insisted, "Dont dally with the Queen!

" I joined her on the carpet in front of Jayce and his good-looking cock, while Janine looked at me while pressing her glossy lips against his velvety cockhead. He was out of my league and I was just glad he let me be his blow job slut. She pulled on the back of my neck to draw my mouth in union with hers as she serviced Jayces cock pleasure.

Realizing that she had blown him on countless occasions prior to us dating added even more delicious naughtiness. His cock was warm and moist from Janines mouth and tasted of bourbon, but also a natural flavor. I realized I was enjoying both the taste and soft, polished texture of his skiing which felt very nice between my tongue and roof of my mouth.

I realized after a bit that Janine was no longer involved, and I was willingly bobbing on his tasty cock. As she pulled away a bit, she pushed me forward, inching my lips to completely envelope his entire big smooth crown and onto his thick steely shaft. She eased her hand through my hair and began moving my head back and forth while having her other hand on Jayces bare ass, to move keep the union of cock sucker and one being sucked.

Janine had moved around to Jayces backside and - still on her knees - parted his cheeks. " And then she opened those full lips and took his big dick way deep in her mouth by opening very wide, and leaning forward to envelope a huge portion of it in her luscious kisser.

He was truly a blessed man, because she then stuck her warm, talented licker up his tender asshole and gave him an aggressively friendly rim job while I sucked on, increasingly enjoying myself. " when Janines tongue hit paydirt, as the supreme pleasure we were bringing him proved intense.

Is it any wonder I learned to love being a throat slut? Her tongue tip stretched into my mouth and I could taste cock flavor on it and, as she pulled me closer, his silky cock tip entered my open mouth, while Janines tongue continued to roll over both the cockhead and my tongue.

" She ordered me to stand up again and come around behind Jayce. Still on her knees, she wrapped her mouth around my dick and got her drool on, drenching my hard prick with wetness, before parting Jayces ass again, giving me a first look at his tight asshole. His ass looked nearly female with its smooth, unblemished hairlessness. She then pushed my butt until my erect cockhead was pressed against his hole.

Janine used her power as Queen to have him admit having had a cock in his ass a few times before. As it moved deeper into my throat, the squishy sound of my sucking became louder and I reached around with both my hands on his hairless, muscular ass to get better balance to suck. He relaxed as my cock tip popped inside his tight anal ring.

He let out a big, pleased exhale of pleasure as my dick sunk further into his tight pipe. I lost track of how long mouth-fucked his delicious cock, but Janine pulled away after a bit and ordered me, as Queen still, to stop at a certain point, because as she put it, "Hes gonna come in your mouth soon, and we need to have more fun first.

Jayce gave an "Aww FUCK! She had Jayce come around behind me and she gave him the same drool treatment and then gave quick, wet, darting, rimming to my ass, lubing us both up, before insisting Jayce "give my boyfriend his first ass boning" He seemed to know what he was doing, and I relaxed as best I could as his big cock helmet popped into my butthole.

I saw Janine retreat, still on the floor, to ease her back against the couch base, pull her tights down off her legs, spread her knees widely, and dive her fingers into her damp brown bush for a hard rub on her clit as she watched us. And Janine again pushed on me to drive my thrilled prick further into his welcoming ass. It felt way too big at first, like I needed to shit.

But video of porn I soon adjusted and he eased more and more inside me. " I had to admit to myself that it did feel damn good to slide my hard cock back and forth in Jayces very tight shit chute and had myself on the edge of a come before Janine stepped in again and pulled me away before I could shoot a load of come up his ass.

"Keep fucking that ass until the Queen say stop", she ordered, nearly breathless as she was so excited by our fucking. Then she said,"It is so much hotter to watch guys fuck in person than on video one porn. I eased off Jayces massive shaft and stopped Janines sucking. I have to say it was the most intense sexual pleasure I had ever felt. " I hopped up on the couch, laying on my back with my head close to one end.

"Queen time is over," I said. It was a very deep couch, made for sleeping and was open on both ends, no armrests. Her feet were dangling off the edge of the couch, her ass and pussy in perfect position for a fucking. "Ive waited a long time to watch you getting the hard fucking you so deeply deserve and I cant wait any longer. I grimaced, but was soon enjoying how good my prostate felt being massaged by the motion of his big prick moving inside me.

After a few minutes, I knew what I needed to put the perfect cherry on top of the evening. " Jayce came over quickly, and his big sculpted, still-wet cock and hairless ball sack were hanging above my face. "Jayce, why dont you come give Janine the hard cunt-stuffing shes wanted you to give her for years. Adding to the pleasure my ass was feeling, Janine came around and put her slutty mouth on my swollen cock and gave a swirling suck on my meat.

His big cock sunk in fairly easily, she was so sopping with cream and I watched in awe as his entire shaft slipped slowly all the way up to its hilt. He put his hands on her ass and I told him to give her a good, hard punishing fuck and see how many times he could slap those twin ball bags against her big engorged clit. I told Janine to come up and straddle me with her knees on either side of my head, facing my feet.

He didnt need much encouragement, and was soon fucking away, impaling Janines willingly spread hole with great force. Jeanine was one of those girls whose skin looked much better without any tan and her brown, curly bush and ripe purple meaty cunt and beige asshole were standing out in stark contrast against the creamy porcelain skin on her ass and thighs. His big balls were resting against her tufts of brown fur.

"The Queen has turned into a common street whore," I announced from underneath the defilement. "Soooo true," she concurred. "Jayce, she had a jolly good time watching us fuck each other tonight and she needs to get her own little brown spoked-wheel dilated by that big fuck sword of yours.

She admitted to loving gay porn and it would be appropos for her to feel what its like to have her asshole expanded by a mean buttfucking. She was offering her pussy up to Jayces superior cock with utter submission. I could see the cream gathering rapidly where her cunt lips were bunched together around his ridged shaft.

" "Whats your favorite gay porn scene? She moaned loudly and appreciatively at his expert schtupping. She confessed it was a prison scene where a man was brought into a cell that already had two mates and they took him by force with their imposing cocks. After several minutes of watching the deep plowing, I got an idea I couldnt let go.

Jayce began fucking her ass with vigor as she groaned around my stiff dick. I told her to imagine she was a man in this roleplay and she was going to get her holes used until her new bunkmates were satisfied. Jayces pounding had her lips gliding back and forth as I kept a rough grip on a big pile of her hair, near the scalp.

"Blow your wad in that shithole, Jayce," I insisted after a few minutes of watching my girlfriends ass get hammered by a much bigger cock than mine. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my girlfriends sweet dripping pussy.

I hardened my contracted tongue tip and pushed it as hard as I could against Janines swollen pearl. At that admission, Jayce took his cock out of her now-gaping cunt and popped it into her ass mouth as she let out an alarmed, "Ahhhh-owwww! " "Wrap those slutty cocksucking lips around my pisser now," I ordered her.

She shivered into a full body orgasm and Jayce blasted hot ropes of cum into her savaged colon. As Jayce clenched up, I felt my balls tighten and blasted a heavy load all over Janines unprepared tonsils. She opened up as she saw how much of Jayces load was in my mouth and gave me a passionate French kiss as we shared the rich saline nut butter rolling around in our joined mouths for a long time before both hungrily swallowing every drop.

I was shocked how much briny ball sludge erupted out of her ass like lava out a volcano. As he pulled out, Janine released several farts of trapped air and cum, which came oozing down her cunt hole and dripped into my open mouth. We all went to bed together soon after, but woke the next day still stranded, in massive drifts of snow. We made entrapment an oasis of Winter fun, getting out the sex game and bourbon again soon after breakfast to fill the rest of the day with lots of creative roleplaying threesome fun.

He was already there and my cock was near the edge as well. As Jayce pulled away, I scooted under Janines mouth until we were face to face, upside down.
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The beach we were going to was a quite remote, a couple of hours drive away. Previous stories are here: http://ift. This story features the same girlfriend and friend from my previous stories and is a 100% true story from my college days.

tt/22dL8AD http://ift. The weather was lovely and we spent the afternoon in the water, messing around with the girls; it started with splashing, but soon moved on to wrestling, trying to undo their bikinis and throwing them out of the water. My girlfriend had particular trouble with her bikini top, every time someone touched it or she was thrown, she would pull it up to prevent her tits from falling out, but invariably she would overcompensate and reveal her underboobs.

When we got there, we found that the mutual friends that we were meeting there had already arrived. At one stage she swam up to me, complaining that she was tired and wanted me to carry here (even though the water was shallow enough for her to touch the ground). I spent much of the afternoon flirting with one of my female friends. tt/1Rjy5bT It was one of the last days of summer and my girlfriend (who was, as I described her in a previous story, a caramel-skinned and full-figured, yet petite beauty with ample breasts and a shapely butt), my friend (whom we had been engaging various acts of group sex with free threesome porn videos over the past few months since he had split with his girlfriend) and I had organised to go to the beach for the day.

They included a number of attractive young ladies, who wasted no time stripping down to their bikinis and running into the water. Later when she went to swim away I reached down the front of her bikini bottoms and deposited some seaweed I had been holding in my hand. When she allowed her pelvis to rest against mine she gigged as she realised she could feel my hard on. She squealed, asked me what I had put down there and after I told her, she demanded that I take it out.

Expecting to give her a piggy back, instead she swam up to my face and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders, her big tits bobbing on the waterline. As the sun went down, we retreated to the beach and sat together, drinking beers and listening to chill beats.

But that was fine, because it was a beautiful spot and we knew there wouldn't be too many people there. I pulled it out and she playfully tutted and scowled at me before swimming off, leaving me with a raging boner. Our friends wolf-whistled after us, but I don't think that they actually realised that their whistles were entirely appropriate for the situation.

She lead us up to the table and nonchalantly pulled down her bikini bottoms. It got darker and my girlfriend suggested that my friend and I joined her for a walk. She turned to me and said 'why don't you take off your swimming trunks and sit up on the table? I made a show of reluctantly putting my hand back down her bikini bottom, slowly guiding it over her waxed public mound and then under, where I could feel the seaweed resting against her labia.

' I did so and sat up on the edge of the table, then she came over and took my cock in her hand. She slowly bent over and kissed the tip of my penis, then slowly drew away, allowing the pre-cum to form strings between her lips and my cock. As she bent over I could see that her pussy was wet; obviously she had been just as mom and son indian porn videos video one porn turned on by all the play in the water that afternoon as we had.

We followed her down the beach, watching her butt bounce with hips as she walked, her small bikini bottoms failing to cover even half her ass cheeks. My friend took the hint and took off his swimming trunks. I could see that his cock was hard. My cock was already rock-hard; the end especially was swollen and red, pre-cum was smeared all over the tip.

He stepped forward and entered her, as he did she gasped and I could feel the vibrations on my cock. As she started to blow me, she moaned slightly melodramatically, half turning her head to make eye contact with my friend, who was still standing behind her, at the same time she wiggled her hips and arched her back so her pussy and asshole were pushed out towards him, inviting him in.

We got about a mile or so away from the rest of the group and headed up to free threesome porn videos a picnic table at the top of the beach. Then she opened her mouth put it around the head of my cock. I usually find it hard to come quickly from oral alone, but as his thrusts started to get more rapid and her moans got more intense, I felt an orgasm building within me too. She told me later that she adored the feeling of two big loads being shot in her at the same time and like having two cocks in her together more generally, she said that she got some sort of primal, animalistic satisfaction from it.

He pounded away at her while she moaned and slurped over my cock, I could feel her tits rubbing over the inside of my thighs, almost touching my balls. Halfway through, he pushed his thumb into her ass and she responded with a low groan of pleasure. Unfortunately his cum wasn't going to be cleaned up quite so easily, with a large dollop already running down her leg and a thick spattering coating the entrance of her vagina.

After we were finished, she stood up and used her finger to push the stray drops of my ariella ferrera porn videos sperm around her lips into her mouth and swallowed before looking down. Hope you enjoyed, comments/tips welcome. This was her first time with us both cumming in her at video one free indian porn videos the same time.

As we walk down the beach back to our friends, neither he nor I have the heart to tell her that she stinks of pussy and cum. Sure enough, a few seconds later all three of us orgasmed at the same time. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she just shrugs and pulls up her bikini bottoms, reasoning that it will be too dark for our other friends to see the glistening trail running down her leg.
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